Why Sasuke Uchiha Can't Save Boruto From Code and Eida!

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Now that Code has begun to gather allies that are confirmed to be stronger than Jigen, Naruto and Sasuke face one of their toughest challenges in a long time. How can they face off against Code and Eida, two people stronger than Jigen, without Naruto using the kyuubi's power and Sasuke using the rinnegan? Are Naruto and Sasuke strong enough to hold off these deadly cyborgs and will they have to rely on Boruto being 80% Otsutsuki to stand a chance against this new threat that looms? Is Sasuke now too weak to protect his student? Is Naruto now too weak to protect his son? Grab those ramen bowls for this very important Boruto Naruto Next Generations discussion, because Boruto Chapter 56 just changed everything!
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