Warzone Anti-Cheat coming soon!? (OPINION)

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Warzone may be getting an anti-cheat soon just because community pressure is so high. CLD team owners, big streamers, YouTubers, and regular gamers are putting major pressure on ATVI right now. There pressure is so high that we might actually be getting some Warzone anti-cheat if they think the game will lose players. Warzone is getting overrun right now with hackers, cheats, mods, aimbots, wallhacks, soft hacks, Xbox hacks, USB hacks, Chronus Max controllers, and a variety of SBMM matchmaking exploits designed to get bot lobbies for streamers. There was even a player using aimbot in the Twitch Rivals Tournament. The situation is getting completely out of control and yet there is still not anti-cheat in Warzone!

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