Удмуртская республика на английском языке как пишется


1 Удмуртская АССР

2 Удмуртская Автономная Советская Социалистическая Республика

3 Удмуртская Республика

4 Удмуртская Республика

5 Удмуртская Республика

6 (г.) Сарапул

7 Удм.

8 удм.

9 Сарапул

10 Балезино

11 Безменшур

12 Бемыж

13 Вавож

14 Валамаз

15 Водзимонье

16 Воткинск

17 Глазов

18 Грахово

19 Гыбдан

20 Дебесы

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Udmurt Republic (Udmurtia)

Udmurt Republic (Удму́ртская Pеспу́блика)

Cities and towns of the Republic of Udmurtia

Izhevsk Иже́вск 632,140
Glazov Гла́зов 100,894
Sarapul Сарапул 103,141
Votkinsk Во́ткинск 99,441
Mozhga Можга 47,119
Kambarka Камбарка 12,636

Population statistics from 2002 census.

About the Udmurt Republic.

Udmurtia is a Russian republic located in European Russia about 1300km east of Moscow and west of the Ural mountains. There are around 1.6 million people living in Udmurtia. The republic was created in the area natively inhabited by th Udmurt people. Today the predominate ethnic group is Russian but there are still almost 500,000 Udmurts living in the republic. The largest city and the capital of the Udmurt Republic is Izhevsk.

Throughout Russia’s soviet history Udmurtia has been organised under a number of different self governing structures, it’s present form has existed since 1990. Udmurtia has it’s own president and parliament and elections take place every five years.

During World War II a large number of industries were moved to Udmutia. Today Udmurtia is very industrialised republic. Predominate industries include weapons manufacture, oil and gas industries. The infamous AK-47 rifle was designed in Izhevsk and most Kalashnikov weapons are still developed here. There are quite a number of other weapons production facilities in the republic. Udmurtia has a number of oil fields from which most of the oil is exported from the Republic.

The Udmurt People.

The Udmurt people are the native people of the Udmurtia region. Perhaps best known abroad for their red hair. Early researchers claimed that Udmurts were the most red haired people in the world. It one of the few places outside the United Kingdom where red hair is of common origin.

The Udmurt people have also been known as Votyaks, Chud Otyatskaya, Otyaks. Their lands have been ruled by many nations through history including the Golden Horde, but has been part of Russia since 1489. The Udmurts along with other local tribes staged numerous uprising against the Russian empire for the next couple of centuries. Udmurts traditionally live in small agricultural based communities. They have a number of their own traditions including dress.

The Udmurt people speak the Udmurt language, although Russian is certainly the most predominate language in the republic. Both languages are official languages of the Udmurt Republic. Russian is mostly used in cities and schools however Udmurt is in common use within Udmurt communities. The language is of Finno-Ugric origin so fits into the same language groups as Finish and Hungarian. However the Udmurt has borrowed quite a number of loan words from the neighbouring languages of Russian and Tartar.

The religion of the Udmurts is traditionally pagan. It is based around folklore and mythology similar to that of the Finno-Ugric people. Remnants of these religious practices are still strongly present but the people have been significantly influenced by Russian Orthodoxy.


Презентация по английскому языку «Удмуртская Республика»

Описание презентации по отдельным слайдам:

The Udmurt republic

The president of UR Volcov A.A. He was born in the city of Bryansk. He has got three brothers and three sisters. His dad had been working in the carbuilding plant for 44 years till pension. In 1966 he graduated from 8 form. In 1970 he entered Bryansk building-trade secondary school. After that he left for Glazov to work in Chepetsk mechanical plant at the age of 18. At the age of 20 he became a leader of comsomol organization. After that the secretary of comsomol organization. The main engineer. Chairman of executive committee. In 2001 the president of UR.

The flag of UR The flag of Udmurt Republic has got three colours: red,white and black. The first stripe is black, the the second is white and the third is red. The white stripe is a bit bigger than the black and red ones The red and black stripes are identical. Black colour means ground and permanence. Red colour means the Sun and life. White colour means space and cleanliness. On the white stripe there is a sign. It has got eight endings. It means protection from a revers

The emblem of UR This is the national emblem of Udmurt Republic. The emblem is in the shape of circle. It has got three colours as the flag of UR: red, black and white. In the center Of the emblem we can see the white pigeon. There is a sign on the white pegion meaning protection from reverses. This Sign is red and there are two ones above the pegion. Delow the pegion there are words “Udmurt Republic”

The cities and towns The capital of Udmurt republic Is Izhevsk. There are 6 towns: Glazov is in the north, Votkinsk is in the East, Mozhga is in the west, Sarapul is in the south-east, Rambarca is in the south.

SCIENTIFIC POTENTIAL OF THE REPUBLIC About a third of the people involved in the economy of the republic are experts with higher and specialized secondary education. Five higher educational institutions provide training of experts in 61 specialities: Udmurt State University, Izhevsk State Technical University, Izhevsk State Medical Academy, Izhevsk Agricultural Academy and Glazov Teachers’ Training Institute. 27.5 thousand students study in the higher educational institutions. In 1995, higher education certificates were given to 3,585 students (22 persons per 10 thousand people).

The world of literature Udmurt literature is young. It will be 120 years in 2009. The famous writers and poets are G.E. Vereschagin, Kuzebay Gerd, M.M. Ivanov, Trofim Arhipov, Flor Vasilyev, Oleg Poscryebyshev, Syemyon Samsonov and others.

Sport in UR name year medal sport R. Eroshina 1956 1960 2 silver gold ski G.Kulakova 1968, 1972, 1976, 1980 Silver Gold 3 Gold Silver ski V. Kravtsov 1976 1980 Gold silver gandball V. Nikitin 1984 Silver ski T.Tihonova 1988 2 Gold Silver ski V.Medvedtsev 1988 1992 Gold 3 Silver Biathlon R.Povarhitsyn 1988 bronze Light athletics I.Cherezov Biathlon M.Maksimov Biathlon

The sights of Izhevsk

The national costumes

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Тема Ижевск на английском языке: достопримечательности, рассказ о городе

Izhevsk is the capital city of the Udmurt Republic. – Ижевск – столица республики Удмуртия.

The city is located on the Izh River in the Western Urals. – Город расположен на реке Иж на западе Урала.

It has a population of over 600,000 people. Его население составляет около 600 000 человек.

The city is a centre of industry, commerce, politics, culture and education in the Volga Region. Город является промышленным, коммерческим, политическим, культурным и образовательным центром Волжского региона.

Izhevsk is a developed industrial center of Udmurtia and the Urals. Ижевск является развитым промышленным центром Удмуртии и Урала.

The most important plant is Izhmash, which produces automobiles and motorcycles. – Самый важный завод – Ижмаш, выпускающий автомобили и мотоциклы.

Izhevsk is the largest educational and scientific center of the Udmurt Republic. – Ижевск – крупнейший центр образования и науки Удмуртской республики.

Udmurt State University, Izhevsk State Technical University, Agricultural Academy and Medical Academy are located in Izhevsk. – Удмуртский государственный университет, Ижевский государственный технический университет, Сельскохозяйственная академия и Медицинская академия расположены в Ижевске.

Izhevsk is the cultural center of the Udmurt Republic. – Ижевск является культурной столицей Удмуртской республики.

It is home to a variety of theatres, cinemas, sport facilities – Здесь есть много театров, кинотеатров, спортивных сооружений.

It also has a large selection of museums. – В нём также много музеев.
One of the most visited museums is The Kalashnikov Museum. – Один из самых посещаемых музеев – музей Калашникова.

Mikhail Kalashnikov designed AK-47 automatic rifle, which has become famous all over the world. – Михаил Калашников спроектировал автомат АК – 47, ставший известным во всём мире.

Izhevsk is host to International Circus Art Festival which has been an annual event since 2008. Ижевск является местом проведения Международного Фестиваля Циркового Искусства, который проводится ежегодно с 2008 года.

One of the city’s finest attractions is the Izhevsk Pond with its amazing embankment. – Одна из лучших достопримечательностей города – Ижевский пруд с изумительной набережной.

Another great attraction of the city is the Zoo, which is one of the biggest zoological parks in Russia. – Ещё одна замечательная достопримечательность – это зоопарк, один из крупнейших в России.

There are many notable buildings in Izhevsk, including St. Michael’s Cathedral, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, The House of Friendship. – В Ижевске много примечательных зданий, таких как Собор святого Михаила, Собор Александра Невского, Дом Дружбы Народов.

Izhevsk is a very beautiful and dynamic modern city with rich multi-ethnic history. – Ижевск – красивый и динамичный современный город с богатой многонациональной историей.


улица удмуртская

1 улица


3 зеленая улица

4 улица

5 улица театров

6 улица

на улице — in the street; ( вне дома) out of doors; outside, outdoors

широкая улица — broad street, wide street

человек с улицы — any passer-by, a man of the street

центральная улица, главная улица — high street брит., амер. main street, разг. main drag

зеленая улица — (разрешение на беспрепятственное прохождение работы, проекта и т. п.) green light (all the way), clear passage

очутиться на улице — to be out in the street; to get/have the key of the street

выбрасывать, выкидывать, вышвыривать на улицу — to throw smb. out (on, in the street), to kick smb. out

выносить на улицу — to make smth. public knowledge

7 улица

на у́лице — а) in the street; б) ( вне дома) out of doors;

я живу́ на Тверско́й у́лице — I live in Tverskaya street;

8 улица

9 главная улица

10 зеленая улица

11 боковая улица

12 мощеная улица

13 оживленная улица

14 узкая улица

15 улица дешевых баров

16 улица дешевых притонов

17 улица по склону холма

18 улица

19 шумный улица

20 улица

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