Top 10 Games Scarier Than An Ouija Board - Part 2

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Top 10 Games Scarier Than An Ouija Board - Part 2
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You’ve heard of bloody mary and charlie charlie, games that can literally summon demons and ghosts. Well on today's list I'm going to be talking about those and more creepy games. These games can be extremely dangerous, so please whatever you do, dont play them. From a game that will bring you in direct communication with a demon, to another that will make you see the devil. Let's talk about these and more with the Top 10 Games Scarier Than An Ouija Board - Part 2.

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00:00 Intro
00:45 The picture game | Scary Games
01:53 The fortune game | Scary Games
02:56 Dry bones | Scary Games
03:56 Baby blue | Scary Games
04:48 Candyman | Scary Games
05:21 The queen of spades | Scary Games
06:18 The answer man | Scary Games
07:11 Dont look behind you | Scary Games
07:44 The ghost paper challenge | Scary Games
08:45 The dark reflection ritual | Scary Games

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