This Roblox Impostor FOOLED US ALL!!!! With Odd Foxx And Feelsbadpat Among Us Fan Game

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Darzeth Plays Roblox Impostor with Odd Foxx and Feelsbad pat and try to beat this roblox game of among us. But this imposter fooled us all!

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Game Description
[Update] Impostor [Beta]
By ArcadeRockstar

More updates coming this week!

Update includes:
???? Badges
???? Shop
???? Codes
???? Fixes

???? Be an innocent crewmates and complete your tasks! Use your detective skills to find out who's up to no good!
???? Be an impostor and use lies and deception to murder your friends!
⭐ Play with friends in free private servers!

Press E to interact with doors and tasks, or tap the interact button.

❗ SHUTDOWNS = UPDATES, I'm searching for bugs at the moment. If the game is closed, it will reopen soon. Favorite to stay posted.

???? This game is in BETA join the communications server to stay updated and report bugs.

☁️ Inspired by Among Us.
???? Leave a thumbs up if you enjoy, I need to feed my kids.

Coming soon:
???? Task minigames
????️ New maps
...And more! Post suggestions in the server!
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