This Damage WOW | Crossbow One Shot | Solo PvP | Corrupted Dungeons | Albion Online - N°7

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I bring you my experience playing with the Crossbow One Shot, I hope you like it, if you like it and want more content with it leave your like and comment :D

This is my 7 episode of the Corrupted Dungeon Series. I'm playing with Crossbow One Shot.

Helmet: Cultist Cowl, but can be exchanged for a defensive one like a Guardian Helmet or Cleric Cowl.
Robe: Cleric Robe too important to increase its damage and avoid reflecting from enemies.
Shoes: Any leather shoes, as he has a skill to reset his skills faster, as you can see in the video.
Cape: I used the Keeper Cape, but you will not always be combining it correctly, so if you want to test the build or save you can even use basic cover, or some other.
On the food you can use the Beef Stew, but if you feel the need for more defensive use the sandwich, along with healing potion.
Always use your W to shoot fast with your E, maybe it’s not so easy, as you can see in the video, sometimes I made my W wrong, I had to reset the ability to shoot.

Have a great PvP and Thanks for Watching !


Credits of the music used to Prod. Skagbeats
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