The Truth Behind PvP Gear in Shadowlands - How Bad Is It? Vendor Update

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The PvP Vendors and PvP Gear in Shadowlands is not looking good for Players. Cloth classes like Priests, Mages, and Warlocks have 0 Haste/Versatility options. The Battleground and Honor Gear takes extremely long to farm, and the item level on the max rank gear leaves a lot to be desired. We need both the PvE and PvP community to come together and ask for change. Please be responsible with your feedback, but share this video, or videos like this on the WoW Forums, Twitter, or even with your favorite Twitch Streamer.

Honor Gear Forum Post:

Stoopzz Live Stream (M-W-F 12pm PST):


0:00 Introduction
1:21 Desired PvP Stats
2:18 Conquest Gear
4:11 Recent Comment
5:29 PvE Gear
8:12 Honor Gear
10:04 PvE vs PvP
12:16 Solution
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