The reasons you're dying too much in ESO PvP

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This video explains core mechanics for increasing your survivability in the Elder Scrolls Online PvP. Deltia has been playing MMO PvP since Ultima Online and ESO since Beta. This video shows what you should be looking at, how to use line of sight and running mental timers on potions and ultimates. If you enjoyed this video play like, subscribe and leave a comment so we know to make more PvP focused. Thanks for watching!

Templar PvP Omega Build:

0:00 Intro
00:57 Where to Look
03:09 Line of Sight
04:01 Buffs and Debuffs
05:44 Ultimates and Potions
07:33 Dying is okay
08:08 BG Battle
09:46 Cyrodiil Battle
12:06 Outro

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