The BEST Elementalist Build for GW2 PvE, PvP, WvW, Story | Rogue Sorcerer Tempest Guide

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The Rogue Sorcerer is a DPS tempest build with lots of healing and CC that can be effective and fun in all the game modes of Guild Wars 2 including PvE, Story, PvP, WvW, Etc.

PvE Traits
PvE/WvW Gear
Marauder/Zerk Mix to 60% crit and 17k HP Durability Runes
Dagger/Warhorn or Dagger/Dagger Celerity/Cleansing
PvP/WvW Traits
PvP Gear
Marauder Earth Rune Energy/Cleansing

Other Game Mode Independent Builds:

Optimal vs Viable:

TPR - The Noctography
Dr Pez VGM - Tempo of Time

0:00 - Intro
1:53 - Tempest Basics
4:18 - Equipment
7:12 - PvE Build
9:17 - PvE Skill Priority
16:58 - PvE Utility
19:27 - PvP Build
25:36 - PvP Full Match Commentary
41:02 - WvW Build
43:16 - WvW Gameplay

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