Should You Main a Frost Death Knight in Shadowlands? Full PvP & PvE Review + Covenant Tier List/Tmog

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The Answer is : If you enjoyed playing a Frost Death Knight in Legion and missed playing with a 2hander, you’re gonna love it in the Shadowlands, as everything is just bigger and better.

Hello there, I'm Fintusius, (apparently a high end (paladin) PvP and PvE player) and welcome to my review of the Frost Death Knight in Shadowlands, which covers all of the Shadowlands end game progression systems with a bonus covenant ability tier list and transmog sets you will be able to obtain.
Hopefully this video will be enough for you to decide whether or not you would like to play a Frost Death Knight in Shadowlands. (Keep in mind everything remains subjective and isn’t 100% final).

Feel free to tell me in the comments (or in my discord) which one would you like me to cover next as more classes and specs should be coming soon(ishly).

00:00 Intro
00:45 Core Changes
07:21 Legendaries
08:16 Conduits
09:19 Covenant Ability Tier List
13:46 The Result&Transmogs

Compositions and sound effects done by Bartek "Hefek" Miler, you can listen to the full soundtrack here :
Edited with the help of Klawiszq :
Transmog footage borrowed from the best showcaser out there LeystTV

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