Saint Seiya: Awakening - Saori and Shura still used in PvP?! | PvP From Subscribers #4

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I'm surprised that they still use Shura and saori in pvp, well yeah Shura can counter June, but not that much

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1. Video quality must be 480p or higher
2. Must be recorded LIVE while in battle, not the replay one.
3. Include your IGN, Server and Region(optional) so I can mention it in video
4. You must record your winning, don't send lose video.
5. Record the video start from the searching of opponent until you gain star, just to make sure it's real galatic duel (Optional, as long as i can make sure it's galactic duel, it will be fine)
6. Don't insult your opponent with sticker in battle, or i have right to decline your video.

And make sure you send the most interesting match, since i will choose some video from all the video sent to me, i will tell you if i will use your video~

you just need to send the video, i will put the comment and everything

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