[NSwitch] Monster Hunter Rise Demo || Game Speed Code Test + How To Find It

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Sorry for my Bad English and the Quality of the Video????

Device Used;
Nintendo Switch V1
Atmosphere | E

Game Downloaded from Eshop.

Cheat Engine used;

EdiZon SE v

Note : Altering the Game Speed doesn't affect the Framerate.

Caution : The codes below may not work for you because other users reported to me that they don't work for them.

Title : Monster Hunter Rise Demo

Title ID : 010093A01305C000
Build ID : D95BAAADDE3908EF

[Game Speed Normal]
04100000 1EB72858 3F800000

[Game Speed Slower]
04100000 1EB72858 3F000000

[Game Speed Faster]
04100000 1EB72858 40000000


00:00 - Intro
00:31 - Cheat Notes
01:32 - Game Speed Code Test
02:39 - How to find it using Edizon SE
05:50 - Outro
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