Movie Theaters in 2021

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The guys go to their first movie in 2021. Was going to the movies always like this?
Special thanks to Laemmle Theatres! A family owned LA staple since 1938!

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After more than a year since going to a movie theater to watch a movie, the guys finally get to re-live the full theatrical viewing experience. However, after a year of getting used to watching movies from the comfort of home with such conveniences as being able to pause the movie and go to the bathroom, enjoying an affordable homemade snack or beverage, and avoiding noisy strangers the guys are feeling a bit less excited about the whole thing. Has the magic been lost?

David Odom
Michael Adams Davis
Michael Schroeder

Written by Michael Schroeder and Michael Adams Davis
Directed by Michael Schroeder
Produced by Brian Fisher and David Odom
Cinematography by Mitch Anderson
Makeup by Mel Aksamit
Grip - Chris Reese
Edited by Michael Barryte
VFX by Richard Cabrera of Romthirty VFX -

Movie Theater Background Extras:
Conor Holt
Chris Reese
Mel Aksamit
Brian Fisher

A Warp Media LLC Production 2021

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