Manifest Money Effortlessly with Tesla Code 369 (Reiki Infused Meditation)

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Use this Reiki session (infused binaural beats) to manifest money easily and effortlessly leveraging Tesla Code 369!

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In this meditation, we will use a powerful affirmation to initiate easy and effortless manifestation of money, wealth, and abundance.

The affirmation is spoken 3 times, followed by a 30-second silence break, then 6 times, then another 30-second silence break, and then 9 times. This process is then repeated one more time.

You can either watch the video with the visual cues of money coming to you or with your eyes closed. Most importantly, get into the feeling place of easy and effortless manifestation of money.

Since we use binaural beats in the background, make sure you use headphones. For best results, use for 33 days

Now let’s get started!
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