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Today, artists are told to just shut up - Mahira Khan & Azaan Sami Khan speak to Anupama Chopra about collaborating on Tu, prospects of working in India in the future and why the ban on artists across the border was “scary”.

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00:47 - Azaan Sami Khan on writing Tu.
02:39 - Mahira Khan on doing Tu.
04:00 - Azaan on Mahira's encouragement.
04:57 - Mahira on the fun while doing Tu.
06:29 - Azaan on growing up in a film, music background.
08:41 - Mahira on making changes.
11:25 - Azaan on being an assistant director on Kalank.
13:50 - Azaan on Binod Pradhan's amazing advice.
15:08 - Mahira on advising Azaan.
15:36 - Mahira on directing.
19:11 - Azaan on Indian and Pakistani people being similar.
21:27 - Mahira on being jugaadu.
21:59 - Azaan on last minute chaos on Tu.
23:13 - Mahira on social media.
27:25 - Azaan on people playing Tera Chehra.
29:31 - Azaan on Bollywood ban on Pakistani artists.
30:41 - Mahira on Bollywood ban on Pakistani artists.
33:00 - Mahira on thanking Anupama Chopra.

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