Hytale Cheat Code Easter Egg + Dev Timeline | News Updates

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Hytale Cheat Code Easter Egg + Dev Timeline | News Updates
Hytale Beta could be close, is another trailer on the horizon?

Welcome back to Kweebec Corner, today on Hytale News Updates we talk about the secret website easter egg, the new hypixel security page talking about bug bountines, how the hytale news is ramping up, as well as our fan art and creative writing competitions. We also talk about new team members too!

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Hytale is an upcoming survival-adventure sandbox game from the creators of Hypixel and Minecraft's most popular server. Skywars, Skyblock and many more games have been made famous by the team, but how will they fair with their own game? Hytale is bound to be a huge success, but what amazing changes to the industry will it bring? What youtube gaming youtubers will cover it?

Hytale Website:

Music By: Oscar Garvin (Game OST) and Slamma
Hytale Announcement Trailer -

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