GW2 PvP Class Matchups - Thief and How to Fight Them

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Thief is one of the harder to play classes in GW2 PvP, but that doesn't necessarily mean its hard to play against. With this knowledge you can learn to interact with the least interactive class of thieves.

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Inside the mind of a thief main:

0:00 - Intro
1:08 - How to kill/survive Thieves
5:35 - Playing around Steal
12:12 - Weapon Playstyles - D/P
15:25 - Weapon Plasystyles - S/D
18:22 - Weapon Plasystyles - Rifle
19:53 - Weapon Plasystyles - Condition
23:26 - Class Matchups
26:19 - Situational Commentary

Music: Super Smash Melee - Hyrule Temple

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