GUMBALL MOVIE, Infinity Train BOOK 4, Total Drama Island REVIVAL & More! Cartoon Network Direct 2021

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BIG NEWS! The Amazing World of Gumball is FINALLY getting its finale movie to serve as an actual ending, Infinity Train RETURNS with a Book 4 and Total Drama Island is getting a revival/reboot with 2 new seasons! Alongside a slew of other Cartoon Network news, such as Ben 10 specials with the return of Ben 10,000 and Generator Rex, a Teen Titans Go Night Begins to Shine spin-off, Craig of the Creek season 4, a Jessica spin-off and more! Cartoon Network and HBO Max BASICALLY gave us a Nintendo Direct, and I'm here for it!

#Gumball #InfinityTrain #TotalDramaIsland

0:00 - Intro
2:07 - Ben 10 Specials
3:41 - Craig of the Creek Season 4
4:18 - Gremlins Secrets of the Mogwai Season 2
5:00 - Infinity Train Book 4
5:58 - Jade Armor
6:40 - Total Drama Island Revival
7:55 - Victor and Valentino Season 5
8:42 - The Amazing World of Gumball MOVIE
9:41 - Gross Girls
10:42 - Teen Titans Go The Night Begins to Shine Spin-Off
11:40 - Tweety Mysteries
12:34 - Craig of the Creek Jessica’s Big Little World Spin-Off
12:45 - Outro


Music by Epidemic Sound ()

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Roundtable Hosts and Crew:



Hosted by: Kevin Williams
Edited by: Joshua Criger & Kevin Williams

Graphics by CabooseJr

Artwork by Kaitrin Snodgrass, Nikki Thompson & Kitsune Zakuro!

This video, including all pictures and clips used is a critique and is covered under "fair use" under section 107 of the US Copyright Act 1976. If you would like to see the shows and episodes in full. Purchase them online or the DVD sets by their respective owners.
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