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Produced by The Grumman Corporation, this film "The Total Fighter" promotes the F-14 Tomcat and showcases its capabilities. Film introduces modern fighting aircraft, and why the F-14A Tomcat is a superior aircraft for air combat, produced by Grumman Aerospace Corp. Early 1980’s film reviews the historical overview of today’s modern combat aircraft.
Opening Scene: Fokker Dr-I, known as the “Red Barron” aircraft of World War I. 1:21 Early versions of "cat fighters" included the F4F Wildcat used in WWII, landing and taking off the ground. 1:28 F6F Hellcat, with a 19 to 1 kill-ratio, was the most valuable carrier-based fighter in World War II. The F6f takes off and lands on a battleship. 1:39 An F8F Bearcat was a lightweight air fighter of its day, holds the world speed record for propeller driven aircraft. 1:51 Korean War saw the F9F Panther introduced, the navy’s first jet fighter. 1:57 The F10F Jaguar was a concept plane ahead of its time. 2:11 The F11 Tiger, a long-time favorite aircraft of the Navy’s Blue Angels, is viewed flying in formation over the ocean. The Mach 2 version of the F11 was called the F-11F Super Tiger. 2:26 Each model aircraft was designed to meet the threat of its day. 2:48 Russian warships challenge our aircraft with sophisticated anti-aircraft systems and their own high-performance fighters, whose mission is controlling large areas of the world’s oceans. 3:44 Russia developed their own competitive aircraft with guided missiles, including the Tu-28 Fiddler, The Mig-25 Foxbat and the Mig-23 Flogger. 4:30 Russia introduced their long-range cruise missiles, which threatens the Navy's fleet. 5:08 The unique advantages of the F14 Tomcat to combat Russian military technology include: seek out and destroy all types of weapons, ability to find and destroy enemy targets at ranges in excess of 100 miles. Can carry six Phoenix missiles (radar-guided, long range air-to-air missiles [AAM-54A]. 5:15 On-screen radar tracks enemy weaponry. 5:31 The F-14 has the ability to destroy targets in an electronically jammed environment. 6:14 Additional weaponry it can bring to the fight is the medium-range Aim-7 Sparrow and the short-range Aim-9 Sidewinder to expands its capability. 6:40 For close-up weaponry, the F-14 employs the 20-millimeter M61 gun, capable of delivering 6,000 rounds per minute. 8:41 Fighter squadrons one and two are deployed in the seventh fleet in the Pacific. 10:13 The F-14 Tomcat is the total fighter for today’s many military challenges.

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