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Motocross Action Magazine tests the 2021 Husqvarna FC450 Rockstar Edition for the first time. We have some bad news for 2021 Husqvarna owners or people interested in the brand if the 10mm lowered suspension is something that caught their eye. The Rockstar Edition will not feature the lowered suspension and will be identical to the KTM in the suspension department. MXA test riders across the board have been huge advocates for the lowered setting that Husqvarna came up with for 2021. The bike feels more stable and planted on the ground. The other big news for the Rocksstar Edition is the Bluetooth Connectivity Unit on the handlebars. You can connect your smart phone to the unit and tune the engine mapping and also get suspension setting tips for the type of terrain you are riding on. Learn all about it here and see what we thought about the new bike on our first couple days of testing.

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