ESO - The Markarth Guide to MagSorc PvP - Builds Showcase

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All that is best for magsorc pvp in one video, with builds for cp, nocp, battlegrounds and duels. Enjoy! View gameplay of it here:

Timestamps & build links:

00:00 Intro
00:50 Markarth Patch changes
01:45 General build information
07:32 Build 1 (my main build, ideal for cp cyro): :EsoBuildData?id=283290
13:00 Build 2 (nocp build): :EsoBuildData?id=289234
15:15 Build 3 (burst build): :EsoBuildData?id=289324
16:32 Build 4 (clench build, no need for streak stun here): :EsoBuildData?id=289352
18:22 Build 5 (battleground build): :EsoBuildData?id=290446
22:50 Build 6 (dueling build): :EsoBuildData?id=290436

If you want to support this channel or get more personalized guidance (such as 1 on 1 teaching sessions):
Thanks to all of you who help me either via this or just by subscribing or liking the video!

Discord, for questions, short written overviews of the builds & more:

Guide to burst combo's and shieldstacking/defensive combo's:
Guide to kiting and target prioritization:
These 2 links are from a previous patch, however the guidance still counts in Stonethorn

Shoutout to ogybaba for hinting me about ironblood for nocp, you can find his channel here:

Music used:
Fizzy Daequan - Eye
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