Cowboy Bebop Live-Action Fan Film

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Cowboy Bebop Live-Action Short Film | Rogue Origin Films

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We’re thrilled to bring you Cowboy Bebop Episode 00: Midnight Rambler.
This project has been two years in the making and is full of blood, sweat, and tears.

Much like the semi-anthological nature of Cowboy Bebop, this short is a one-off that follows Spike as he tracks down a criminal with a hefty bounty that has stolen a batch of Red Eye from the Red Dragon Syndicate. Spike Spiegal tracks down an old ally turned nemesis in this prequel episode to the legendary anime COWBOY BEBOP.

Spike Spiegal - Justin Van Cho

Jet Black - Kristofer Gordon

Tan Strite - Alfred Hsing

Written, Directed, Produced, Action Design by - Josh Mabie

Producer/Cinematographer - Nik Shaw

1st AC - Ryan Sax

Philip Hoang

2nd AC - Yazmin Giron, Sebastian Guerra

Gaffer - Travis Becker

Key Grip - Matthew Levy

Grip - Vince Pahlavan

Sound Mixer - Paul Wells

Key Makeup - Kao Miyamoto

Key Hair - Jackie Weiss

Costume Designer - Viktoriia Vlasenko

Stunt Coordinator - Alfred Hsing

Fight Choreography - Sao
Alfred Hsing, Josh Mabie

Production Assistant - Matthew Shane, Ray Tenorio

Editor and VFX Artist - Joseph Suzuki

Colorist - Thomas Galyon

Opening and Ending Score - NΣΣT

Composer - Joshua Ginsberg

Mix and Sound Design - Brian Ortiz

BTS Photography - Shadow Dragu-Mihai

BTS Videography - Elliot C. Rosen

Special Thanks:
Jackie Tran
Andy Le

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