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Best Action games in the World Offline

Code Of Legend: Best Action Games!
Are you a fan of the best FPS games? Looking for a vs Terrorists game?
Let the bullets fly in Code of Legend - Free FPS game, an Unconventional war of legends in this free action game.

An offline shooting game you have never played before. A daring adventure takes you the next level of shooting adventure. Innovative game features in Code of Legend enable you to play no matter what smart phone you use. Fight for survive till your last breath in this free FPS game.

Codes of Legend :
• Chapter mode
• Strategic missions
• Survival Mode

Code of Legend, This is the free battle games play of code of legends who are selflessly committed to protect their country in all kind of warfare from conventional to highly tactical wars, from large scale full fledge wars to small intelligent operation. You are pledged to honor the code of legend no matter what, nonetheless the size of enemy.

Play of war has changed now! Now you have to fight to your enemy beyond the conventional warfare strategies. You are well trained member of Code of Legend mission teams. In this offline mission game, you are equipped with machine guns, sniper rifle, hand grenades and a secret map. Your secret mission in this shooting game is to eradicate the enemy from an army camp.

Live the life of legend, Be the last standing commando shooter of survival squad in warfare field where you get the most realistic 3d gaming experience in Code of Legend FPS game. Use all your gorilla commando skills in this action war game to survive till the end.

It’s time to get ready for fight to get back what once belonged to you in this Code of Legend game. Infantry, Artillerymen, snipers and ingenious enemies are roaming the land. You are hopeless and will fight till end in this offline gun games play. Get ready to operate highly secretive commando missions to save the world in this offline shooting game.

Types of mission you will carry out:
• Counterinsurgency
• Unconventional Battle
• Conventional War
• Special Investigation
• War Assistance

This is offline FPS game, based on chapters, survival mode and commando secret missions. In chapter mode, there are several small direct-action missions. In survival mode, you would be dropped in enemy’s territory and you will have to fight for your survival till your last breath. While in secret missions, you would be given small missions based on intelligence report and you will recover a hostage, destroy the enemy’s asset or fight with highly wanted enemy personnel.

A great adventure for the FPS shooting game fans! Your first person shooter game is here. You are heroic warrior in this action war game, a legend to fight in combat zone. Use modern combat weapons, shot guns and sniper rifle to complete your commando mission. Use your gorilla fighting skills to fight off all enemies in this offline shooting game.
Team up with your guerilla skills, Aim on your targets for adventure mission in this best offline shooting game and prove that you are the best commando shooter. Shoot your way through this Non-Stop action of commando shooting game.

Show your best command shooting skills, use tactics and modern weaponry to cease the opportunity to experience commando adventure in this shooting games for free. Begin your mission India, a cooperative survival mission, by eliminating all targets in this gun games for free.

Offline action game Features:
• Auto-Fire – Intuitive controls
• Up-gradable high-tech gun – animations
• 100+ skills and grenades
• First offline FPS game with 150+ missions
• Story-based commando game

How to play:
- Use Joystick to move around
- Touch and slide the screen to aim and kill the enemy
- When aim at enemy, auto shooting will start
- click the shoot button to destroy enemy weapons and tanks
- Pick all green items to complete mission
- Do not shoot hostages in orange dress
- Destroy enemy weapons and tanks
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