Code Lyoko Fusion: The Game Trailer (READ DESCRIPTION)

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That's right! I'm working on a CL game on Roblox!! Wanna go check it out?

Any bug reports let me know in the comments, or add me on discord! Effy#0055


Frequent asked Questions
- Will the game have Carthage?
A: Yes It will! In a future update! For not the Sector 5 option takes you to the ice region

- Did you make all these sets?
A: Yes and no, the sets were made by PuffleHuffer aka Animanxics, MattMc_J and ReplicatedTim! Superior_BlueDiamond helped provide the recourses and I did scripting and designing.

- Will there be Xanafication and Monsters?
A: Yes! Were currently still in development with the Mosnters put I promise there will be special things for this game!

- What happened to the old game?
A: Its still open! You can check it out here

- Where can I leave my suggestions and report anything wrong
A: You can add my discord or leave it down here below the comments or join our discord server! Let me know!

- Can I apply for mod/admin in the game?
A: Yes but not at the moment, right now the game is still in Beta so admins and mods are not available for the time being.

- How did you come up with this idea? Or why did you remake the game?
A: Actually the inspiration for this game was an old game back in 2016 called Code Lyoko Fusion and we've decided to bring it back our way! Not everything is perfect but were doing our best give us time!
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