Code Green! (Iconic Hulk Mission) - MARVEL'S AVENGERS (Full Game) - Gameplay - Part 13

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MARVEL'S Avengers playthrough on the Xbox One X.

Usually these series are partnered with a giveaway for you guys to enter for a chance to win a copy on a platform of your choice, however due to the unfortunate news of the legendary Chadwick Boseman passing away I decided to push the focus away from the usual giveaway and instead use this section to tell you all about the amazing organisation 'Stand Up To Cancer'. These heroes dedicate the precious time we have on this planet to helping those unfortunate victims of a villian like no other- cancer. Cancer takes countless lives on a day to day basis and only with our help can organisations dedicated to defeating cancer, to aiding its victims, to supporting its survivors continue to do what they do!

The money I usually spend on the spare copy to giveaway I have decided to donate to this noble cause so that we as people, as heroes- can BEAT cancer. I will be honoring all of those who donate to 'Stand Up To Cancer' and send me a screenshot on my instagram on the final part of this series as a huge thank you for being AMAZING!
This playthrough will contain the full story including cutscenes, the official soundtrack for the game, an active review of my personal experience with the game, the solutions to in game puzzles, any DLC released for the game, a rough guide on where to find collectibles (however a separate video is likely to be produced to include them all), an exploration of the characters within the game, exploration of the lore within the universe, a brief explanation of the events in the game, and much more!
MARVEL's Avengers is set within its own alternate timeline with its own events that are entirely unique to previous iterations.

The game is a third person semi open world action RPG where the player is given control over a large roster of popular Marvel characters, the roster currently exists of Captain America, Black Widow, Iron Man, Hulk, and Thor (although more characters are said to be made available during the games life cycle).

The game features multiple battle areas known as 'War Zones' for the player to explore with a team of up to 4 heroes- in these 'War Zones' the player will be able to unlock stat boosting gear and collectibles as well as cosmetic changes for the roster of heroes such as playercards, costumes, and a variety of other non game changing customization's. Throughout the game the player can level up with EXP which is gained through world events, combat, training trials, and finding collectibles- leveling up will grant the player a rank token which can be used to purchase or upgrade combat skills for future use.

The main plot follows Ms. Marvel/Kamala Khan as she tries to rebuild the Avengers after the tragic events she experienced as a child during 'A-Day' throughout the game the player will find and reunite with various members of the Avengers as well as uncover the dark truths behind the events that changed hers, and the Avengers lives forever!

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