Code Gamer||First Game Play|| Vivo Y12

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Take whatever preconceived ideas you’ve formed about coding and throw them out the window. 

Sure, there is a lot of what is witnessed in movies and on TV, whether that’s the scripting and many characters you see filling a computer screen, or the intent staring and tinkering of the person sitting in front of that screen.

But, my point is, coding isn’t an activity devoid of creativity. There is a lot of fun, imagination, and awesome that goes into (and comes out of) coding as well. 

Because think about it—all a programming language really is, is a way to communicate instructions to a computer. From there, once that code is transmitted, the output is magical, powerful, and obviously, oh so valuable.

One of the best ways to bring coding to life is through something like games, where a language like JavaScript, for example, can take your child’s zany world and cool character ideas and bring them to life. 

Said simply, code forms the building blocks of any game. Code is what breathes life into a game. It's what makes characters move and enemies attack. 

You might be able to create the skeleton of a game with models and game objects, but without code there is no movement, interaction, or game management.

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