12 Types of Women Who Will CHEAT on YOU! (GUARANTEED)

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Certain spicy senoritas are predisposed to doing  you dirty. In this video men's style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM   AaronMarino  Pete & Pedro  Tiege Hanley  ENEMY  has narrowed down the cheaters to 12 types.

1. Has blonde hair -- research analyzed cheaters with the results yielding: 42 blonde, 23 red, and 20 brown.

2. Works in the medical industry -- the Ashley Madison website uncovered this data. Education, social work, and finance professions followed.

3. Became single recently -- the newness will wear off, and she'll be wondering what her ex is doing.

4. Has a separate social life than you -- it's important to have different interests, but it's not a good sign if your social lives never mix.

5. Not being satisfied in the bedroom -- whether you're not interested, not wanting to, or not able to perform, you need to fix it. Visit Roman if you're experiencing erectile dysfunction. The evaluation is free by a healthcare professional, and medication is prescribed all from the privacy of your home. Shipping is free 2-day.

6. Has mainly guy friends -- she may be seeking male approval, and if it's coming from 'strapping studs', that could be a recipe for disaster.

7. Always concerned about you cheating -- she's snooping through your phone, she's worried, and she feels a lot of anxiety. She may have already cheated or she may try to beat you to the punch.

8. Has a substance abuse problem -- she drinks too much and is the life of the party, and in doing so, she may not be making the best decisions.

9. Has a low self esteem -- she may seek approval, attention, and affirmations from other people, especially after your relationship is not so new anymore.

10. Fears emotional intimacy -- she may self-sabotage once she starts having feelings or gets close to you.

11. Is a narcissist -- she's super selfish, doesn't consider the needs or feelings of others, and doesn't consider the consequences of her actions. She worried just about herself.

12. Has cheated before -- there's no excuse for cheating.
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