100 Facts About Minecraft PvP ✔

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100 (totally legit) facts about Minecraft PvP! Cuz hey, I got nothing better to
1. Minecraft PvP is not a real game
2. PvP stands for Polyvinylpyrrolidone (according to google)
3. Most other players are better than you
4. Jokes about being bad at pvp are only funny the first few times.
5. All PvPers are angry, all the time.
6. The faster you click, the more retarded you look
7. Hacking will make you better at pvp
8. Minecraft PvP is for adults too! Not just kids!
9. Mojang hates the pvp community
10. sucks for pvp
11. sucks for pvp
12. sucks for pvp
13. will suck for pvp
14. The more subscribers you have on YouTube, the better you are at pvp
15. Saying “recorded” makes people admit to hacking
16. Minecraft PvPers are inherently good at CS:GO
17. Drinking caffeine makes you click faster
18. Drinking too much caffeine makes you piss a lot, but click even faster!!!!
19. PvPers joke about not having girlfriends, but secretly they do have them
20. YouTubers can’t get banned
21. Golden carrots are the best food for pvp
22. ---
23. Spleef is not pvp type
24. After 1,000,000 pvp fights, notch will suck your dick
25. If everyone pvped, murder rates would triple
26. You can’t pvp and watch Netflix at the same time
27. Minecraft pvp gets a lot of views on youtube
28. Hackers ruin the game
29. Optifine increases FPS, but doesn’t increase your will to live
30. Harambe was the greatest pvper
31. Minecraft PvP has nothing to do with Minecraft
32. If the power goes out, pvpers will have nothing to do
33. PvP is a skill-based game
34. Telling people you pvp is a bad social move
35. PvP was designed and created to piss people off
36. Server trailers make people want to join your server
37. When someone throws health potions at you, it means they love you.
38. Knockback doesn’t exist. It’s an elaborate lie, constructed in order to give bad players an excuse for losing
39. Cheaters never win, and winners never quit, but cheaters who never quit, are just fuckin annoying.
41. Only cool people play HCF
42. Ping matters
43. There is no such thing as a professional Minecraft PvPer
44. If you kill a famous youtuber, it means that you’re better than them at pvp
45. Your parents still love you if you’re a pvper, but slightly less
46. “Survival games” is the same thing as “hunger games,” just less sue-able
47. If Minecraft had no hacks or lag, people would still make excuses for losing
48. Buying a rank makes you look like a dickhead
49. The Minecraft PvP community is the best community
50. No it’s not
(Watch the video for the rest :P)
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