10 CSS Pro Tips - Code this, NOT that!

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Top 10 CSS Pro Tips to make your life as a web developer more productive. Some of the best programmers say CSS is too hard… but you might be surprised at how modern techniques can dramatically improve your code.

00:00 CSS is too hard (myth)
00:56 1. Learn the box model
02:00 2. Firefox is Amazeballs
02:31 3. Flexbox is Fantastic
03:34 4. Grid is Great
04:23 5. Clamp it Down
05:09 Bonus: Impress your Boss
05:30 6. Aspect Ratio One-Liner
06:01 7. Variables for variables
06:46 8. Fancy Calculations
07:38 9. State Management Counter
08:18 10. Finding focus-within
09:01 Bonus: Treat an Incurable Disease

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Box Model
Focus-within CSS dropdown

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